Personalise Nexales to integrate business features and make your salespeople even more productive and mobile.

Nexales is the best way to create and manage sales materials and can go much further with specific business personalisation options. Direct information on stocks, integration of recent statistics, document generation, tailored search engine, signing of a contract directly on a tablet... the possibilities for personalisation are infinite. Each contributes to bolstering the productivity of sales teams. Each reinforces the client’s experience. The effects are fast; ROI is too.

Information en direct sur les stocks, intégration de statistiques récentes, génération de documents, moteur de recherche sur mesure, signature de contrat directement sur la tablette... les possibilités de personnalisation sont infinies. Chacune d'elles contribue à renforcer la productivité des équipes commerciales. Chacune d’elle renforce l'expérience vécue par les clients. Les effets sont rapides, le ROI aussi.


Automation of updates

Tamedia press group (29 publications) had a problem which it thought impossible to solve: three times a year, upon publication of official media statistics, Tamedia had to update the data of 6,000 pages used in three languages by 250 employees! A mammoth task with chaotic results as expired documents would often coexist alongside the latest documents sent out. With Nexales, this triannual update is now automated.

Perfect branding

New data is instantly integrated into all pages where it appears. All tables and graphs update automatically. Clear and elegant page layouts remain unchanged. All materials stay perfectly branded.

Together, let's propel your sales teams into a new era

We are delighted to present to you how Nexales is going to simplify and boost the work of your sales force and marketing team.




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