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Fascinate your clients. Simplify creation, edition and management of your communication materials. Measure engagement of your sales forces and clients. Boost your sales.

Nexales is a one-of-a-kind application for Mobile Sales Enablement. Intuitive, powerful, flexible and comprehensive, it is designed to rapidly enhance the availability and productivity of sales forces.

Nexales: to succeed in sales team digitalisation.

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They’ve boosted their sales with Nexales

Leader in high-end packaging solutions, almost 5,000 employees in 50 countries

Largest private media group in Switzerland, approx. 3,400 employees in Europe

Leader in high-end connection and cable solutions, over 100,000 customers in 80 countries

Prestigious independent manufacturer of Swiss luxury watches

A unique experience for every client

Engage your clients more by serving each and every one in a truly personalised manner.

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Personalisation puts the client in the spotlight; it’s the sign of premium service. With Nexales, each client receives personalised communication, not a standard catalogue. Communication in the clients’ name, only containing what they want to see. They’ll know they’ve been listened to. They’ll know you consider them far more than just a “client like any other”.

But that’s not all. Sharing personalised digital communication also helps to make significant savings in the production and dissemination of paper documents. These resources can be used for higher added-value applications.

Simple creation and edition of communication materials

Save time and money by creating varied and quality communication materials yourself.

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You no longer need to use the services of a creative agency to produce new effective, rich and consistent sales materials. Nexales incorporates a CMS and offers several dozens of block templates and ready-to-use pages (with a regularly updated library). Marketing teams can easily create communication materials that are always perfectly branded. And they can be made available to the entire sales force in just a few clicks. Salespeople also have access to editable fields so they can personalise the document according to the client.

Communication up to date. Everywhere and always.

Solve once and for all the problem of updating your documents. Avoid having out-of-date versions and multiple versions co-existing at the same time.

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By maintaining a link with communication materials, Nexales lets you keep them constantly up-to-date. Need to add or remove a product? Update a financial figure? Replace an image? The change is made just once and is updated on all the relevant materials. At sellers, distributors and clients. All over the world. Automatically.

Measure directly. Improve constantly.

Real time monitoring tells you how and when the communication materials are used and shared. These KPIs help you decide on inventive and targeted actions.

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It’s impossible to know what becomes of documents presented or shared in paper or PDF format. Nexales is far more transparent. Thanks to its permanent link with its materials, it knows which are presented and where they are; which are shared with a client and whether the documents have been opened or forwarded, etc.

This clear, real time vision of sales forces’ and clients’ engagement helps to identify trends, pinpoint needs and bring together best practices. This can all then be used to launch specific actions to constantly strengthen, inform, correct and target communication and sales.


Personalisation of features, design and content to digitalise sales forces and engage clients all the more.

Tailored business configurations

Digitalise your sales teams further still by connecting Nexales to internal and external sources of data. The application gains in power and features; it becomes the only tool needed for salespeople to work efficiently and be mobile.


Tailored design configurations

Personalising the design and content of Nexales helps to engage clients even more. The application can be configured down to the last detail so that the brand expresses its entire personality and creates an experience as unique as it is consistent.


Together, let's propel your sales teams into a new era

We are delighted to present to you how Nexales is going to simplify and boost the work of your sales force and marketing team.




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